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What is Trust?

From CoveyLink:

How We Define Trust

Our definition of TRUST is simple: It is both character (who you are) and competence (your strengths and the results you produce). Trust is the enabling power of leadership influence. It is not soft, slow, risky , or easy. It is a measurable, definable component of all leadership success. It can be both taught and learned.

The proof of the value of trust in business is compelling: ?“Organizations with high trust outperform organizations with low trust by nearly three times.” (Watson Wyatt 2002)

CoveyLink is committed to making The SPEED of Trust a unique and sustainable competitive advantage for our customers. We have seen how this advantage dramatically impacts the bottom-line now and long into the future.

We find many misconceptions about trust. Let's separate myth from reality:

TRUST Myths and Realities

Trust in the old economy was the natural outcome of a select few, great organizations. Today, it is the price of entry into the new, global economy. In today's world, you are not only competing with others in your state, but also on your continent, and the five other civilized continents on the planet. You are negotiating in cultures in which trust is non-negotiable.

At CoveyLink, we pride ourselves on walking our talk. Our talk is for tough-minded, results-oriented, count-on-able leaders. We contend that trust is about competence and accountability. Trust can be learned, it can be measured, and it can be grown within your organization. Its competitive advantage cannot be replicated.

CoveyLink Survey on Who Trusts You?

“I am happier when I am trusted, and I bet you are too.  Covey has done a masterful job teaching that trust is conditioned on our behavior and that we can consciously shift our behavior to deserve trust.  This one realization can change your life. This is the best book by a Covey since 7 Habits.”

Richard Carlson,
Ph.D., Author of Don't Sweat the Small Stuff and Don't Get Scrooged

Who Trusts You?

Find out quickly in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Complete your own trust survey and receive your personal credibility score.

Step 2: Send the trust survey to anyone you choose. They provide anonymous feedback about how much they trust you.

Step 3: You receive your "Who Trusts You" report, comparing your personal credibility score with others' opinions. What is your trust quotient?

It's fun, easy, and revealing. And, it's FREE!