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Seeds of Greatness

'Speed of Trust' - What it Looks Like, Feels Like and the Results it Delivers

In a previous post we referenced the comments of a Chief Executive from a multi $ billion company on 'Why Trust Matters'. That company was in fact Frito Lay, a business unit of PepsiCo that accounts for nearly 30% of the organisation's $43 billion in sales.

We've just released a video case study of FranklinCovey's work with Frito Lay to introduce the Speed of Trust to employees at all levels. These board member comments and experiences provide a nice sense of what this 'looks like' and 'feels like' within the business;
  • "When things are good its easy to trust - when you've got challenges, that's when its put to the test. We've got more out of the Speed of Trust helping us deal with our challenges & giving tough feedback than any other part of the Speed of Trust journey. Its become part of - in fact it is - our culture" (Michelle Thatcher, Senior Vice President Human Resources)
  • "We've moved from co-operation to collaboration, and the enabler of that was the Speed of Trust" (Randy Melville, Senior Vice President Sales)
  • "Because we had the Speed of Trust and the ability to Trust each other to make decisions we implemented new market place pricing in 5 weeks. This is unheard of in our business - we have never done it faster than 16 weeks. This had huge implications for our business, our financial model and our ability to navigate through 2008, which was a very difficult year." (Dave Rader, Executive Vice President & CFO)
  • "Having come up through the sales ranks, I've been through every training programme you can imagine. (Speed of Trust) is the best training programme I've seen - its not a training programme in fact, its a process of managing. It is the only programme I've seen that spans all of the functions - I think its a natural way to run an organisation...and its the most exciting change in the culture that I've seen in my 28 years at PepsiCo." (Al Carey, Chief Executive Officer)
The case study also highlights the results that have been achieved, and from Al Carey's perspective "the biggest single contributor to our great year has been the Speed of Trust"
  • The best profit growth number in 10 years
  • The fastest sales growth of any food company in America
  • 280% of average sales growth of 18 competitors
  • Met targets for 6 core brands for the first time in 12 years
  • Awarded 'Vendor of the Year' by 3 major clients

Impact of Leadership Greatness

Read about one of the biggest food chains in the Philippines about how they addressed their desire to build their leaders: Shakey’s OD Manager, Gilbert Tolentino, and Training Manager, Marielle Santos. The ManCom of Shakey’s and the heads of the other companies under International Family Food Services, Inc.attended FranklinCovey’s Leadership Greatness (Leadership: Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results) Program on December 4-6, 2007. This business case details Shakey’s challenges before the intervention, what they have done to apply what they have learned, and the results they were able to get.

Mr. Tolentino relates, "The questions foremost in our minds that we wanted answered were: “How do we develop real leaders in the organization so we can be more effective? ...We knew the answer was in focusing on leadership development of the key people first, because they have a huge impact on the company, given the number of people working under their supervision.  Read More>>

Leader in Me goes Global

Start with an amazing school, add excitement, blend with 16 countries and what do you have? An unforgettable The Leader in Me experience!

The three-day event (April 28-20 in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA) began with a visit to A.B. Combs Elementary School, the school in Dr. Covey’s The Leader in Me book. 

The students and staff made The Leader in Me come alive for the 150 attendees, including Bob Whitman, Stephan Mardyks and David Covey. One could not leave the day without thinking: If every child had this opportunity the world would be a different place! Read More>>