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The Case for Coming Together

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Early this year, we asked an American speaker to come for a lecture.  During his stay here, he shared with me this jolting observation: "I've never seen so much private security in my life." 
As we went around the exclusive villages of Makati and the South, he could not understand why so many homes needed to employ their own private security guards.  Wasn't money supposed to make people feel more secure?
This paradox is called a security dilemma.  You can see the same paradox occur when countries engage in an arms race.  For example, when Country X upgrades their weapons arsenal because they feel threatened, it makes other countries feel less secure.  So these countries upgrade their own arsenal, but this only makes Country X feel threatened again.  This continues on until it results in a vicious (and expensive) cycle of brinkmanship.  This is the dilemma of security - the more you try to secure yourself, the less secure you become.
But looking to secure oneself is really an outcome of an independent "me first" mentality.  And despite the rhetoric of service and sharing, at the end of the day, it seems that most people still look out for themselves. 
However, we're seeing more and more how important it is to look out for each other.  The recent ripples of stock market failures show how interdependent our world is, and independent thinking cannot last long in an interdependent reality.   Just imagine that we were all going to live in the same boat.  If each of us thought only of ourselves and brought all of our own private possessions, we'd surely sink! 
Maybe it's time to re-think the question "What's in it for me?", and instead ask "What's in it for others?"  Instead of each member of a barkada buying and owning the same books and DVDs, why not buy different books & DVDs and put up a shared library among themselves?
By coming together and putting others before ourselves, we can have the best kind of security - peace and oneness.
All the best,
the CYCLE Team
 46th Luke 18 Weekend 
September 26 - 28, Friday to Sunday
7 Habits for Teens Workshop October 4 & 5
Quotes for the week:  
"I hope you will judge yourselves, not on your personal accomplishments alone, but on how well you treated people a world away who have nothing in common with you but their humanity."
- Bill Gates
Harvard Commencement Speech 
"That all may be one." 
 - Chiara Lubich  
 Founder, the Focolare Movement

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