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Trust Others

Welcome to the CYCLE Youth Community!
Covey Youth Conferences for Leadership & Empowerment
A community for developing and uniting the next generation of principle-centered leaders
Be A Part of the Change this Week!
Each week, we challenge ourselves to do certain actions as one youth community but within our own circles of influence, in order to collectively bring about the change we want to see in this world. 
This week, our challenge is to strengthen our relationships with others by building trust.  Go out of your comfort zone by making difficult deposits in your emotional bank accounts like:  genuinely listening to people, seeking forgiveness, being loyal to the absent, forgiving others' mistakes or debts, and doing good deeds without any agenda.    
Make these deposits for no other reason than unconditional love for the person you share this world with.  Remember, we're all in this together.
Be the change you want to see in this world!
(Do you have an inspiring story to tell?  Please email us your experiences in being a part of the change!) 

HEY YOU-th!!! 

You have just received the first ever Weekly CYCLE Pit Stop!  We encourage you to make this Pit Stop your weekly habit as you continue reaching your full potential as a person and as a leader.  Let this be your tool to reconnect you to this growing community of youth changing the world.  We are next in line!

One of my favorite basketball coaches is Coach Ron Jacobs.  He brought out the best in his players simply by the trust and faith he showed them.  He would often give his back-up players playing time in crucial situations, and they would respond by playing hard and exceeding expectations, and making big plays that help the team win.
Most of the time, people want to return the trust given to them.  I think the need to be trusted is just as important as the need for self-actualization.  When we know someone believes in us, we feel a desire to rise to their expectations of us.  We want to give our best because we are inspired by their trust.  But even if we know this, we often have a hard time giving this same trust to other people.
The secret to fulfilling relationships, whether personal or professional, is to see people as who they can be.  See in them their highest potential, and treat them as though they are about to fulfill it.  Remember, w
hat you SEE is what you GET.  Your paradigm creates your reality.  So genuinely believe in people, even when they make mistakes, and trust that they will get it right in the end.  Mistakes are simply a test of how much you really believe in them!   
Keep trusting and believing in people! 
All the best,
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Quote for the week:
"Trust is the highest form of human motivation.  It brings out the best in people.  Trust becomes a verb when you communicate to others their worth and potential so clearly, they begin to see it in themselves."  - Stephen Covey, "The 8th Habit"

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