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Leader in Me Goes Global

by: Sarah Noble The Leader in Me Practice Project Leader

Start with an amazing school, add excitement, blend with 16 countries and what do you have? An unforgettable The Leader in Me experience!

The three-day event (April 28-20 in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA) began with a visit to A.B. Combs Elementary School, the school in Dr. Covey’s The Leader in Me book. The students and staff made The Leader in Me come alive for the 150 attendees, including Bob Whitman, Stephan Mardyks and David Covey. One could not leave the day without thinking: If every child had this opportunity the world would be a different place!

The next two days consisted of the international launch and certification of The Leader in Me. Sean Covey, Education Practice Leader, detailed four reasons why The Leader in Me works:

  1. Paradigm – All kids are leaders.
  2. Principles – The 7 Habits provide a timeless, universal foundation.
  3. Involves all stakeholders – Administrators, teachers, students, staff, and parents are involved.
  4. Ubiquitous approach – Everywhere, all the time. Everyone is speaking the same language.

Sean’s three-year global vision is to expand the process from primary to secondary schools, as well as to college.

What is The Leader in Me?

The Leader in Me is a process that helps children become leaders—leaders of themselves and, by their influence, leaders of others.

The process:
  1. Develop a Vision – All adults in the school contribute to establish ownership and buy-in.
  2. The 7 Habits Signature Training – All adults participate, including administrators, teachers, and staff.
  3. Implementation – An opportunity to combine their vision with the 7 Habits.
  4. Student Training – Age-appropriate levels of The Leader in Me annotated teacher and student activity guides.
  5. www.theleaderinme.org – Suggestions and activities to further integrate the 7 Habits.
  6. Outcome – Students who are positive, creative, and motivated—traits the employee of the 21st century will need to flourish.

stephan at ab combs

Stephan Mardyks and Paulo Kretly, General Manager of FranklinCovey Brazil, get schooled by an A.B. Combs Elementary student.

Conference and post-conference highlights include:
  • Sixteen (16) countries were represented.
  • Seventeen (17) client education leaders attended from FranklinCovey Licensee Partners.
  • Forty-five (45) International colleagues attended the event and the Client and Certification Tracks that followed.
  • Brazil brought a contingency of approximately 15 excited educators and powerful business owners to the conference.
  • An entire school board in Malaysia was introduced to The Leader in Me following the conference.
  • Japan is embracing The Leader in Me by “developing global leaders, one child at a time!”
  • India and China both had enthusiastic representation at the event.

From the Philippines, Ma. Carmen Alcuaz-Reyes and Christine Javier from the Center for Leadership and Change, Inc. (CLCI) attended the conference. CLCI has trained two schools since then:

LearningLinks Academy

Chinese International School, Manila

Leadership is communicating people’s worth and potential so clearly that they are inspired to see it in themselves.” --Dr. Stephen R. Covey

 Through The Leader in Me process, we can teach our children how to be leaders and achieve greatness.

For more information about The Leader in Me and how to launch it in the Philippines, please contact Christine Javier at christine.javier@franklincoveyphilippines.com or call her at 817-2726 ext.133.